GRP Sand trap bucket perforated

The sand trap is a key component for removing solids in small bucket, separates smaller solids such as gravel, sand, and silt from the inlet. We offer various dimensions.

GRP Cover for grease trap type A, B & C

A grease trap is a plumbing device designed to intercept most greases and solids before they enter a wastewater disposal system.

GRP Tray

GRP Tray is used to collect the water from various equipments such as a air conditionner, and to drain it through the outlet. We offer various dimensions.

GRP – PVC Puddle flange

Generally puddle flange are used for pipes passing through reinforced concrete water storage tanks. We offer GRP, UPVC, GI, MS & SS Puddle fange.

GRP Jewellery stand

It’s used in all jewellery shops to display the gold such as necklace, rings & earrings. We offer a large variety of shapes and sizes.

GRP Sheets

GRP Flat Sheets can be used in a wide range of applications from the Construction Industry, balcony cladding, school cladding to fascia panels, GRP sheets are immensely strong and durable. GRP non slip products are currently being used by the construction, rail, offshore and marine industries with great results. It can be manufactured in a range of colours, shapes and fire ratings.

GRP Slot channel

They are used for supporting electrical wiring, plumbing, mechanical components and lighting systems.

GRP Water tank

We produce different sizes and shapes of small water tank as per customers specifications.

GRP Delivery box

It’s used for all kind of delivery such as food or courriel and most usually fixed on motorbike.

GRP roof sheet

Sheets offered by us are obtainable in multitude of colors to meet the exact requirements of the customers. Available for a huge variety of applications from canopies to warehouses, and factories to retail and leisure facilities.

GRP Meter Box

It purpose to cover all kind of reading meter instruments which are used in industry and protect them from a difficult environment such as dust or high temperature.

GRP Air vent

It’s a small opening through which air can escape from an enclosed space such as a manhole or water tank. We offer different dimensions and color.

GRP Planter box

Planters can be used for interior and exterior projects. All our GRP Planters can be manufactured in a wide choice of shapes, sizes and colours.