Building Maintenance involves fixing any sort of mechanical, plumbing, or electrical device should it become out of order or broken.
In all sectors, effective Maintenance involves performing routine actions which keep devices, equipment, machinery, building infrastructure and supporting utilities in working order and prevent trouble from arising.

Pipeline (PVC, Drainage, High Pressure, PPR, Steel, GRP)
PVC Curtains (Truck, Warehouse)
Painting (Oil, Water base, Epoxy, Floor marking)
Insulation foam (Pipeline, Tank, Roof)
Rubber guards (Corner, Wall, Fender, and Bumper)
Anti-vibration Pad
Stainless Steel Mesh
Grease Trap (PVC & HDPE)
Various maintenance works of warehouse and labour camp
Sand grit on various supports
Roof top fiberglass sheet cleaning
Barbed wire fence
Civil work
Waterproofing (Fiberglass, Bitumen membrane)
Dust & HVAC Filtration
Cable Tray Cover
Wall Crack Repair