• Production
  • Site Work
  • Steel Work
  • Maintenance

French Fiber Maintenance L.L.C. is a multi-services company, with their office and factory are located in Ajman (United Arab of Emirates) since 2008, offering quality services to all types of residential, commercial and industrial property in three different fields:

Building Fiberglass, Steel work Maintenance
Your business needs all of your time and effort to keep it running smoothly and profitably. You don’t have the time to make sure that your facilities are always, well-maintained and ready to keep your workforce moving at maximum efficiency. That’s where French Fiber & Maintenance L.L.C. can help. Let us handle your day-to-day maintenance so you can concentrate solely on running your business.

Our mission is to guarantee customer satisfaction through consistent quality, service, value and attention. We faithfully deliver on this mission by:
• A well-trained staff who understands customer satisfaction, competitiveness and company strategy.
• Focus on client cooperation & partnership
• Working systematically according to a fully coordinated program
• offering the competitive prices of our services